Who are we?

LA Teleprompter is a professional Teleprompter Service Provider for the Los Angeles area. Our focus is ensuring that your talent is able to deliver their lines in as few takes as possible, minimizing your production costs.


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Combining years of computer technology experience, with an easy understanding of the spoken word, Los Angeles Teleprompter is poised to help your talent deliver their lines to the camera, or a live audience with ease. No more worrying about remembering lines, or losing their place. With a Professional Teleprompter specialist backing them up, their delivery will be masterful.

Can you afford to have downtime while your talent tries to remember all their lines? Can your talent remember their entire speech, and still address the audience? Gone are the days of cue cards and feeding lines off camera, hire us and maximize your production day.

Why Choose Us

Fast Response, Easy Booking

Getting back to you within 2 hours gives you less time wondering, and more time planning.

Professional Attitude and Work Ethic

Showing up on set ready to go means less waiting, and more working.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Platforms change, shots change, setups change. We’ve got it handled.

    Trusted & Experienced

    With backgrounds in IT, Systems Integration, and Production, we understand the challenges that come with each production and event. From configuring a multi-point editable script for live award shows to setting up a multi-cam game show, we can do it all. 

    Reliable & Effective

    Los Angeles Teleprompter is a professional Teleprompter Service Provider for the Los Angeles area and beyond. Our focus is ensuring that your talent is able to deliver their lines in as few takes as possible, minimizing your production costs. On site changes, assisting with re-writes, re-compiling, it’s all part of the service we bring to you.

    Problem Solvers

    Production is its own organic entity. Situations on set are fluid and ever changing. Los Angeles Teleprompter is equipped to handle those changes, modifying the configuration to suit your needs, and helping your talent give the best performance possible. Challenges arise, LA Teleprompter can find the solution


    Our Specialists’ goal is to elicit a natural performance from the speaker.  Working with the talent and camera department, we optimize the eyeline and software configuration to make each take as solid as possible. Scripts often change on the fly and our specialists will implement any modifications or edits required immediately on set.

    Our Specialists

    Our specialists are seasoned professionals, fully versed in set etiquette.

    Because Teleprompter Rental LA is part of the largest teleprompter rental service in the United States, we have ready operators where you need them. Our operators fly all around the country to prompt for clients in the entertainment industry and politics. We have prompted for notable figures like Beyoncê, and former First Lady Michelle Obama among others. We provide a versatile prompter service. We’ll figure out how to put a teleprompter in any setting.

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