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Thank you for visiting LA Teleprompter, your teleprompting specialists in the Los Angeles area. Having worked with numerous A list clients, we are able to assist you in making your production an overwhelming success.

From a 4 page monologue, to a 50 page script, LA Teleprompter has the experience and the ability to tackle the unique needs of your production. Our Teleprompters are capable of fitting all types of cameras; from DSLRs, Mid-range cameras (ie AG-HVX200), to the larger professional studio cameras. Our clients depend and rely on us to deliver the professional quality that they have come to expect.



  • On Camera Teleprompter (15" and 19")
  • Steadicam Teleprompter
  • Stand Alone Back of House Teleprompter (37", 42", 55", 75")
  • Confidence Monitors
  • Outdoor Presidential / Speech Teleprompter
  • Down Stage / Wedge Teleprompter
  • Experienced Production Crew for Live and Studio


LA Teleprompter is a professional Teleprompter Service Provider for the Los Angeles area. Our focus is ensuring that your talent is able to deliver their lines in as few takes as possible, minimizing your production costs. On site changes, assisting with re-writes, re-compiling, it's all part of the service we bring to you.


Production is its own organic entity. Situations on set are fluid and ever changing. LA Teleprompter is equipped to handle those changes, modifying the configuration to suit your needs, and helping your talent give the best performance possible. Challenges arise, LA Teleprompter can find the solution.


Action without direction is futile. LA Teleprompter strives to minimize down time, and maximize productivity. It's not enough that a task is done, it must be done efficiently. We are a Full Service Teleprompter Rental House that offers dependable, professional, and very friendly teleprompting service for any video production.