Why Teleprompter?

Teleprompters have been around for decades as a tool to help actors, actresses, and anyone giving speeches be more confident in their lines. With a Teleprompter to cue them, they are able to concentrate on the emotion and delivery, as opposed to trying to remember every word verbatim.

Who Should I Trust?

The market is flooded with amateurs that purchased a teleprompting system, and are advertising their services. Teleprompting is a discipline, one that demands that the operator truly care about the production, and strives to provide the best service possible. Following the tempo of the speaker, working with them to bring out the best performance possible; that is what LA Teleprompter brings to the set for you.

Engaging the Audience

The key to any delivery is being able to keep eye contact with the audience, or the camera. LA Teleprompters lightweight on camera system allows your speaker to read the lines, without breaking eye contact, or disrupting the natural flow of the delivery. Our Presidential/Speech systems allow your speaker to make eye contact with the audience, engaging them in the presentation for maximum effect. With all this at stake, can you afford to put your trust in another company?


Main Services

  • Reliable Computerized On Camera Teleprompter
  • Back of House Teleprompter(Live Hosting Solution)
  • Presidential/Speech Teleprompter
  • Script Preparation
  • On-site Corrections and Modifications
  • Multi-Lingual (English, Mandarin Chinese*, Tagalog, Spanish)




  • DSLR Cameras, Film Cameras, Broadcast Cameras, Jib Mounted Cameras.
  • Lightweight, streamlined Teleprompters.
  • Multiple Camera Setups Available.