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Classic Through-the-Glass Teleprompter

The classic teleprompter. This can be mounted directly to the camera (camera wears) OR on a stand in front of the camera with the lens nosed-in.

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Classic Through-the-Glass Teleprompter

This is the style of teleprompter that everyone envisions. Reflecting the text on a one-way mirror from a reversed monitor, allows the on-camera talent to read the script effortlessly while maintaining eyeline with the viewer. 

What's Included
  • 1 HD Monitor¬†
  • 1 60/40 mirror and teleprompter enclosure
  • 1 Teleprompter Sled
  • 1 Specialist with software
  • All necessary cables
  • 10-hour day
  • 15 inch or 19 inch monitors
  • Standard (indoors) or High Bright (outdoors)
  • Additional Operator/s
  • Independent stand
  • Additional prompters