Presidential / Speech Teleprompter

This configuration is ideal for formal live events, in which the speaker/s are relatively static and only turn their head to engage the audience.

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Presidential Speech Teleprompter

Politicians. CEOs. Presenters. The Presidential teleprompter is the staple by which these speakers operate. Consisting of a pair of 60/40 glass panels that are set up on either side of a podium, the speaker can see the script reflected in the glass, but the audience has a clear view of the speaker themself.

What's Included
  • 1 Pair of HD monitors
  • 1 Pair 60/40 Glass with stands
  • 1 Pair Blinds
  • 1 Specialist with software
  • All necessary cables
  • 10-Hour Day
  • 15 inch or 19 inch monitors
  • Standard (indoors) or High Bright (outdoors)
  • Additional Operator/s
  • Database-driven script server