Front of House Teleprompters

This setup is geared towards larger Award Shows or Events. 

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Front of House Teleprompters

Typically, there will be one or more presenters looking towards a central point, where a camera can capture the entire presentation for broadcast.

The monitor is placed behind the audience allowing the speaker/performer to look out into the crowd to read their lines. This also gives the impression of making eye contact while giving them maximized freedom of movement.

What's Included
  • 1 HD monitor
  • 1 Stand-alone 84″ pipe stand
  • 1 Specialist with software
  • All necessary cables
  • 10-Hour Day
  • 47-inch, 55-inch, 75-inch HD monitor
  • Additional monitors
  • Additional stands
  • Additional Specialist/s
  • Database-driven script server