Specialty Teleprompters

We offer a variety of specialized teleprompter solutions for your shoot. 

Please call us to discuss your unique needs.

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Specialty Teleprompters

For the niche shoot, the standard teleprompters don’t always get the job done. That’s why we offer a custom-configured solution for your unique requirements.


The Steadicam solution is a lightweight and wireless teleprompter solution. With a reliable range of 100-150 feet, it’s a great solution for a walk and talk scene.

Jib Mount Teleprompter

The jib system is either an over-the-lens or through-the-glass configuration. 

Over-the-lens is preferred to minimize the weight of the setup but through-the-glass can be used with larger heads.

Slider Teleprompter

The slider teleprompter can be used on a regular slider or Dana dolly. Lightweight and adjustable, it can accommodate most setups with ease.