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Presidential Speech Teleprompter

This type of prompter consists of a pair of 60/40 glass panels that are set up on either side of a podium. While the speaker can see the script reflected in the glass, the audience has a clear view of the speaker themself.

This configuration is ideal for formal live events, in which the speaker/s are relatively static and only turn their head to engage the audience.

Classic Through-the-glass Teleprompter


This through-the-glass teleprompter can be mounted directly to the camera (camera wears) OR on a stand in front of the camera with the lens nosed-in.

This setup allows the talent to address the viewer directly, preserving eye line. We have 15″ and 19″ units available depending on the distance the camera will be from the speaker, and weight limitations of the tripod.

Hi-Bright monitors are also available for outdoor settings.


Confidence / Down-Stage Teleprompter

This is the ideal setup for dynamic speakers, corporate presentations, and musical performances.

This allows your presenters to fully explore the space and engage the audience with an energy that can only be achieved through free movement.

We have 15″, 19″, 27″, 32″, 45″, and 55″ flat screen HD monitors available depending on the size of the venue, and the needs of the talent.



Front of House Teleprompter


This setup is geared towards larger Award Shows or Events. Typically, there will be one or more presenters looking towards a central point where a camera can capture the entire presentation for broadcast. 

We offer 55″, and 75″ HD displays with stands for this application. 


Often referred to as the Errol Morris setup, this is particularly utilized by our East Coast and Documentary clients. Allowing your interviewee to respond to a talking head on the screen, relaxes them and generates a genuine response with no awkwardness. 

This setup is perfect for untrained speakers who are answering questions in an interview-style format.

Specialty Teleprompter Systems:

  • Wireless SteadiCam Teleprompter
  • Jib Teleprompter
  • Slider Teleprompter

These are available with 2-3 business day lead time as each one has to be configured for the application. 


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