Los Angeles Teleprompter Talent

The Amazing Adam Lambert

A few weeks ago, Make It Happen Productions (http://www.mihp.tv/) contacted me to assist them with their PSA shoot, operating my Teleprompter for the one and only Adam Lambert for the LGBTQ Community. We were at the awesome 905 Studio (http://filmstudio905.com/), with their huge white cyclorama. Adam was a little delayed due to traffic, but man, once he got on set, he was on FIRE…figuratively speaking. Didn’t matter how many takes the director wanted, Adam was up for it. Even if the director liked it, Adam would want to go again, just because he felt he could do it a bit better.

The Production crew was on point, as per usual. The Director,  Billy Frank, was his usual professional self. Talking with Adam, getting the best performance possible by working with Adams natural personality, and getting different takes. Spencer Pool, the Production Supervisor was on set in case anything went awry, and the DP, Mark Eberle was making shot magic, adjusting light, camera, angles, and lenses; even with my Teleprompter on it! The AD, Johnny Hustable was essential in getting everyone on point, and keeping the production rolling.

It was truly a great experience working with him; reading words off the Teleprompter with such feeling and inflection. Of course the guys and gals from Make It Happen Productions were there weaving their creative magic; I always look forward to their calls. So without further ado, here is the Link to the YouTube video. Watch! And to all my LGBTQ friends and family, LIVE PROUD!