A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to work with the guys and gals of Seamless Event Solutions for the ACC. It was a great event and a fantastic!

First night was at the JW Marriott, assisting the CEO of the ACC, Ms. Veta Richardson in delivering hard earned awards to the In House Counsel of prominent Corporations. Individuals and teams that managed to decrease overhead and improve efficiency, thus saving millions of dollars for their respective employers. Filled with applause and high praise, it was a very entertaining event to be a part of.

The next 2 days were at the Los Angeles Convention Center, assisting with their luncheons, and helping to deliver much needed words of encouragement and advice to the attendees.

There were several ways we could have gone about this, but when you have several speakers addressing a large, seated audience, they need to be able to scan the room, and at least appear to be addressing the listeners. Standing behind a podium gives them a powerful image, which can be defeated if they are having to constantly look down at their cue cards. With a Presidential Teleprompter system, it allows the speaker to engage the audience on both sides of the room, projecting confidence, authority and power. Admittedly, a Presidential Teleprompter system requires a bit more real estate on the stage, but the inclusion of one to a live event makes all the difference in your speakers presentation.

It was a great experience, and we look forward to working with Seamless again in the future!